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hit-singleIt’s end-of-the-year ‘best of’ list time and we here at Poprock Record wish to join the almost evangelical rush to judgment that accompanies such proceedings, though with a twist.   I mean, who am I to say whose records are the best?  If I put them up on the blog then you already know I think they are pretty great and worthy of Beatlesque adulation.  Still, I do feel like shining an extra light on a few songs that just screamed ‘hit single’ to my 1970s AM radio-trained ears.  So instead of a ‘top ten’ list I’ve assembled a list of twelve ‘missing’ hit singles, songs that would easily top the charts in my alternate poprock universe.

Pulling together my twelve apostles of poprock was not an easy task.  From the full list of songs featured on the blog in 2016 I singled out the ones actually released in this past calendar year – 59 songs in all!  Then reducing that number down to just twelve was painful as there were compelling arguments for keeping any and all of the other 47 as well.  But, in the end, cuts were made until just twelve remained.  They appear in no particular order and the hotlinks take you to the original posts as they appeared on the blog.  These are a dynamite twelve pack, sure proof that melodic rock and roll is far from dead, if somewhat remote from the more conventional charts.

Public Access TV, “On Location”

Red Cabin, “I Can’t Wait”

Twins, “Breaking Up”

TUNS, “Mind Over Matter”

David Brookings and the Average Lookings, “Time to Go”

Chris Staples, “Hepburn in the Summertime”

Steve Ison, “Boy”

Bosco Rogers, “Beach! Beach! Beach!”

Wesley Fuller, “Melvista”

The Rifles, “Wall Around Your Heart”

The Kickstand Band, “Summer Dream”

Purses, “Wheels on the Run”

Check out these bands in more detail on their various webpages.  You find all the links on the original posts.