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get-inuitDrop everything and focus your attention on these breaking tunes, hot off the musical presses!  Get Inuit hail from the southeastern county of Kent, England where nary a real Inuit can be found.  Undeterred, they have crafted a distinct, noisy kind of poprock.  Give their latest single a chance to get through to the chorus and you will be rewarded with some solid hooks.  “Teriyaki” kicks off with some cramped sounding vocals, which fatten up and take off into a soaring melody-drenched chorus.

0008208101_10Moving north, Birmingham, England’s Steve Ison defies easy labelling, melding folk, poprock, and indie sensibilities.  Both “Boy” and “I’m Leaving” sound infused with a bit of Donovan 2.0, while “From the Morning” and “I Woke Up from the Dead This Morning” both are faintly reminiscent of the Lilac Time, vocally at least.  Ison is a musical iconoclast whose songs never quite go where you expect them to, which is wonderfully liberating.

Mr. Sanka brings Los Angeles (Young & Sick) and London (Mustafa and James) producers together in a dance-pop supergroup that is definitely more pop-than-rock than is typical for this blog, but I just couldn’t resist the addictive bass-line, swooping background vocals, and killer unusual chorus of their first single, “Flight Mode.”  I love the precision production – every sound is just so crisp.  There’s no reason why we can’t squeeze a bit of dancing in here.

screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-11-36-29-am-compressedOver to New York City for the almost released debut album from the shamelessly rock and roll indie band Public Access T.V. who lament their musical genre’s end on their new single “End of an Era.”  In fact, guitar rock and roll is clearly back with the success of bands like Vant, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the Vaccines.  So though the boys sing on this single that “the kids don’t like rock and roll anymore” don’t believe it.  Never Enough is chock full of great new guitar poprock and drops in just three more days.

Get yourselves over to the internet locations of Get Inuit, Steve Ison, Mr. Sanka, and Public Access T.V. to check out their available recorded music and upcoming live shows.