timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekIt seemed like an interesting gimmick – 52 songs over 52 weeks.  That was Timmy Sean’s promise for 2015.  For just $20 (US), he would produce a song a week for a whole year.  I signed up on the strength of this song alone.  Sean is musically multi-dexterous, with material that pays homage to a broad array of poprockers ranging from Fountains of Wayne to Hall and Oates.  But “Western Rodeo” is a departure in more ways than one.  First, it’s country!  None of the other 51 tracks really go there.  Second, the song’s arrangement and performance are flawless.  I like a lot of the 52 songs Sean served up but for me this single is a cut above.  It has a lovely melancholy acoustic guitar foundation that builds slowly and solidly, adding pedal steel, lead guitar, and great backing vocals, delivering a sonic impact I usually associate with early Eagles or late Byrds material.  Sean is a major talent just waiting to break.

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