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Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 10.13.58 AMToday’s single file is bulging with digital 45s just itching for an e-spin. There’s a bit blues and rock and roll and, of course, strummy poprock in the rotation.

Melbourne Australia’s The Stroppies give drive to their single “First Time Favourites” on a killer combo of addictive organ runs and jangly guitars. A breezy rush of fun from their 2019 LP Whoosh. Chicago’s one man wunderkind Brad Peterson is back with his trademark easygoing Steve Miller-esque panache on “Keepsakes in the Garbage,” a poppy remake of a track from his time in a full on rock and roll band. Back to Oz with Green Buzzard and I love the variety of guitar sounds on “I Just Don’t Want to Be Alone.” There’s a lovely swinging Primitives kind of joy here, mixing jangle and crunchy lead guitar work with some solid strummy rhythm backing. In the USA’s capitol city Foxhall Stacks crank up the punky elements of power pop on “The Old Me” from last year’s Coming Collapse long player. This baby says ‘dance now’! When I first heard Business of Dreams’ opening cut on Ripe for Anarchy, “Chasing That Feeling,” I could have sworn I was listening to a great lost track from The Silencers’ fantastic 1987 release, A Letter From St. Paul. Band leader Corey Cunningham has nailed the ambience with a song that really does justice to the era yet still sounds timeless.

Dutch melodian Jelle Paulusma defies categorization with “Crying Shame,” at times vibing a strong late 1960s California pop but then effortlessly shifting to 1980s indie poprock flavour. With a killer horn section at the three-quarter mark! On “Yeah I Don’t Know” LA’s The Coolies sounds like Lucinda Williams got herself a rock and roll band and that sound is amazingly good! Super melody-tinged rock and roll, with just a bit of grit in the mix. Berlin delivers some light and frothy acoustic-y Dropkick-like tracks from Hanemoon’s latest record Mammals, particularly the obvious single, “Sunday Afternoon.” The blend of acoustic guitars here are exquisite, with an nice punch in the chorus from the vocals (get the vinyl from Kool Kat Records here). Love how the song fades into an engine idling near the end! Son Little packs subtle but strong melody into his soul sound, kinda like a Sam Cooke-meets-Howlin’ Wolf mash-up. I remember being blown away by the cross-over brilliance of “Cross My Heart” from 2014’s EP Things I Forgot. Now he’s back with another striking single, “Mahalia” from his new album Aloha and it’s a winner! Why am I not surprised the electric Shadow Show hail from Detroit? This kick ass band kick out a jam like the B52’s garaged up to the nines and ready for a dance party. The guitar and vocals on “Things I Do” are so strobe light, mini skirt and somebody go go-ing into the wee hours. Skip the club and just turn this up loud.

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