Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 10.53.43 PMHe’s got regular gigs already, serenading the ladies who win K-EARTH 101’s daily ‘Office of the Day’ contest in Yuma, Arizona and laying down hot licks with Dwight Yoakam’s back up band. So that might explain why there’s been no follow up to Eugene Edwards’ amazing 2004 debut album, My Favorite Revolution. But that’s a shame because the record seemed like just the first of many inventive, career-spanning releases (along the lines of an Elvis Costello or Tom Petty). I mean, listening to just this one album, man can this guy write songs!

Your Own Nightmare

The poprock influences are all over this record – the 1960s, new wave, Britpop – but somehow never risk overwhelming what is new and fresh here. From the opening bars of the opening cut, “Your Own Nightmare,” you know you are in for an uber cool experience when the beat just won’t let you stand still. “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” opens like a Costello number but the melody is so Squeeze. “Congratulations My Darling” uses jangle to good effect, with a nice British invasion vibe. “The Next Time You Go” slows things down, acing a great Colin Blunstone phrasing. “At Your Place,” “I’d Like to Think So,” and “Permanent One” could be mistaken for an American version of Squeeze or Crowded House while “Shattered Flower,” “Not That Kind of Girl” and particularly “Victim at Bedtime” have the Costello chops in mixing music with lyrics. Meanwhile “Telling the Lie Again” reminds me of The BoDeans with its rustic Americana rock and roll sound.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than ThisCongratulations My DarlingVictim at Bedtime

If My Favorite Revolution is it, album-wise, from Eugene Edwards, I guess we should be grateful. It’s a stunning piece of work that does not fail on any of its 14 tracks. It sounds as fresh and exciting today as it did on release in 2004. Buy it, play it, enjoy it. And maybe drop Edwards a line of new-album encouragement while you’re at it.