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Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 10.27.55 AMFew acts pay tribute to Wednesday. Elvis Costello, the Undertones, and that band from L.A. were on to something with “Wednesday Week.” Of course, the idiomatic expression actually refers to a week from Wednesday but we’re not waiting. Day 3 of our solid-week-of-singles event can’t be put off. Stuart Kidd is one hard working musical dude, involved with countless bands and musical projects in his native Scotland. But he still finds time to pump out solo albums under the moniker KiDD. Chance Weekend is his latest long player and I’m particularly partial to “Little One.” The song has a breezy charm, coating a timeless pop tune with just a bit of 1990s indie grind. Just another reason that Scotland really seems like a poprock Mecca to me these days. Australia’s Tim Minchin gets more done before breakfast than most people do in lifetime: actor, hit musical writer (e.g. Matilda), film producer/director, comedian, political commentator, and so on. He also puts out some sparkling one-off singles. “15 Minutes” seems almost operatic in its ambition and scope but works because underneath it all is catchy tune. And where are those robots, by the way? On this track and many others, Minchin is worth paying attention to. Todd Herfindal is another musical over-achiever (lucky for us!) with songs appearing all over the TV and movie-sphere. “Bound for the Sun” is a solid piece of poprock songwriting, delivered with a recognizably 1980s FM radio sheen. Herfindal’s back catalogue is definitely worth exploring (but more on that in another post!). Closing out Wednesday’s quartet are The Enlows, a three piece hailing from Sacramento, California. Their recent album, Taking Aim, is a rollicking collection of punk-tinged good-time tunes. But I just can’t stop hitting repeat on the addictive “Without Your Love.” From the head-turning opening guitar lead line hook to the head-bopping chorus, it’s a song that dares you not to dance. I’d pay just to see the band do this one tune! But I’d stay for the rest too.

Visit KiDD, Tim Minchin, Todd Herfindal and The Enlows online and contribute to their ‘we really want to keep making music’ fund.