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Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 4.02.09 PMIt’s a moody Tuesday afternoon and day two of our solid-week-of-singles event. We need a little Drew Neely and the Heroes to set the right ambience at the outset. Their new single “Chasing Danielle” is a rollicking heartland tune that rides the edge between pop and rock, straight out of Frankfort, Illinois. Then it’s right up I-94 north along Lake Michigan to get to Milwaukee’s favourite band named for an obscure Beach Boys song, Cabin Essence. The beach influence seems to have faded with their new single, the lovely, lilting “No More.” Now the sound is more trebly guitar leads and understated harmony vocals. And still great. The Dave Anderson Project hails from Huntsville Alabama, essentially a side project for Anderson who seems very busy with a host of other music commitments. “Welcome” is a fabulous slab of synth-poprock, with just hints of ELO, Adam Daniel and Farrah around the edges. It was touted as the band’s teaser advance single but so far nothing else has emerged. Insert Poprock Record sad face here. Earlier this year this site gave up the love for No Win’s winning new collection, Downey. Apparently that wasn’t enough – the band is back with a super new single, “Blood on your Tooth.” I love the crunch guitar on this track and slowburn hookiness of the chorus. Another band hitting the poprock-harder bottom is Cleveland’s Herzog, at least to start. “Amps II Eleven” talks a good game about rocking out but the song actually features a sweet vocal and some lovely lead guitar lines, amid a wash of 1960s pop psychedelia. From their fab new album, Me Vs. You.

Nothing like splashing out on a Tuesday for some new music. Click on Drew Neely and the Heroes, Cabin Essence, The Dave Anderson Project, No Win and Herzog for access to the pay button.