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DHHow did I miss these guys the first time around? The five albums by Camden UK’s Silver Sun are a treasure trove of hook-laden, should-be hits. Indie rock critics have rightly lavished praise on their first two major label releases but I’m fond of this deep cut from their independently released third album, 2005’s Disappear Here. “Jody” sounds like it’s blasting right out of the most poprock moments of the 1980s, complete with obligatory horn section. The sustained chugging guitars are wrapped in an infectious multi-layered vocal arrangement, laid over a swinging beat and hooky melody. The song is all the more impressive because it is work of just one member of the original band, songwriter/lead singer James Broad (though the rest of the band did come back together to tour with the album). Though their last album surfaced in 2013 (A Lick and a Promise)Silver Sun are still putting out the occasional tune via James Broad’s Soundcloud page. And that is a very good thing.


Search ‘Silver Sun’ and ‘Silversun’ if you’re looking to lay down some cash for this great band’s back catalogue on the music services.