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CanadaFor non-Canadian readers, July 1 is our national holiday. Does it mark a revolutionary outburst? A decisive break with past political practice? A victory for the people over the oligarchs? Nope. It was basically a bankers’ renegotiation of how best to exploit a whole lot of land and its abundant raw materials, something that had already been going on for some time. Now it would go on better. The people? They wouldn’t get a look in for some time. Nonetheless, Canadians politely take this day off, crack a beer or two, set off some fireworks, and give the day’s historic relevance not one fleeting thought. Imagine America’s July 4thbut without all the pomp, patriotism, and political chest-thumping.  And with stronger beer.

For our celebration here the ever creative Jill Sobule kicks things off with a track from her wonderful collaborative project, Dottie’s Charms. Jill and Mike Viola wrote the music for “O Canada” with lyrics by author Sara Marcus and it is a very Canada sort of thing: wistful, longing, and with a refrain familiar to countless millions of grateful immigrants – ‘you took me in, you took me in, O Canada.’ The video is by Iranian-American director Sara Zandilieh

Speaking of creative, the impossibly prolific KC Bowman manages to give hilarious voice to an imagined Canadian desire to join our southern neighbour, though the song hardly paints a glowing portrait of the supposed benefits of union. The song is available for free with a whole album of treats as part of his Preoccupied Pipers project.

Wrapping things up is an actual Canadian performer, Montreal’s Sam Roberts. His band has a wonderful low key rock and roll sound, kinda like Tom Petty in a really mellow mood. On “The Canadian Dream” Sam’s not so sure the dream will be real out on the 40 below streets without some help, so he spells out what is needed to his listeners

Happy Canada Day world! It’s a pretty mellow sort of nationalism we’ve got going here. That’s actually a good thing.