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Fetlwroth bandThey’re Feltworth, actually, a puppet band with a plausible backstory and a couple (literally) of killer tunes. The whole concept is brilliant and funny but what aces the deal is that the music is no joke. If they sound a lot like Canadian indie poprockers Sloan, well that’s just the rumour mill for you. Here’s the pitch: Feltworth, a quartet of cat felt puppets (another fab four, though here ‘fab’ is short for fabric) allegedly have been working the kids music scene for years but now have turned their back on the tots for more adult fare. You can get the whole elaborate and amusing story in a recent interview with Ion magazine or watch a kind of ‘making of’ Feltworth video here. If you’re the obsessive kind the Feltworth Films site has 15 different videos showcasing their adventures in a Sesame Street segment sort of way.

Now, you may stop here for the novelty but you will stay for the tunes. “Forget This Feeling” is pure Sloan, with chugging guitars, searingly sweet harmony vocals and hooks galore, while “You Turn Me On” is a nice acoustic-based bit of pop fun. Power pop and poprock fans will rejoice when these guys turn this project into a full blown album. But touring could prove a challenge.

Feltworth have a website and Facebook page – you can meet the Feltworths there.