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photo-1437935593714-0e005a38bf51A statement that seems as obvious today as when Bacharach and David wrote it in 1965. As the crushing weight of refugees from the world’s war zones threatens to overwhelm the goodwill of the West’s welfare states, we need love to help find a safe space for the displaced of our times, the children, their parents, and those without family or friends. Our three contributions focus on that ever so scarce commodity that cannot really be priced: love.

Tom Speight is out of England, has opened for the likes of Jake Bugg, and here offers us a lighthearted plea for a “Little Love.”

Great Big World made a big splash with “Say Something” from their debut album Is There Anyone Out There? but the range of material was actually much greater, featuring a number of solid poprock songs. Their new album is cast more narrowly in the ‘Say Something’ vein but good songs abound, including the beautiful “Hold Each Other” and “Kaleidoscope.”   Great Big World – Hold Each Other  

In addition to the album version of “Hold Each Other” I had to feature their duet with the PS22 Children’s Choir from Staten Island, New York, where they also briefly talk about the song and what it means.

The last song is from New Zealand’s Avalanche City, “Love Love Love.” The Kiwis sent this straight to number one, sensible people that they are. So feel the love, and act on it.

Find out more about Tom Speight, Great Big World, the PS22 Children’s Choir, and Avalanche City on their websites or Facebook pages.  Great Big World will be appearing in Toronto March 1, 2016 at the Mod Club for an all ages show.