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Sunday-SunpaintingSunday Sun capture the pure joy that can be the best of poprock. Their songs often have an uplifting quality that encourages repeat listening. I have had this reaction before, like the first time I heard “One Step Ahead” by Split Enz or “Another Nail in My Heart” by Squeeze or “Teacher Teacher” by Rockpile. I just couldn’t wait to hear them again.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Sunday Sun really have about two albums of material. In 2012 they released three EPs over a period of six months and then in 2014 came their first official long player We Let Go. All four releases are strong but if I had to choose my favourites, they would boil down to the following. “Ordinary Love” contains all the key elements the band uses so well: an effective combination of guitar and keyboard driving the songs, amazing multi-part harmonies appearing in swooping background vocals, and melodic hooks galore. Just try not to hum along when they hit you with this chorus. The writing in this song is great too, with fabulous lines like “living a lifestyle, instead of life.” Ordinary Love

“You Light Up the Sky” starts off slow but builds to an inspirational chorus – who doesn’t want to be told they ‘light up the sky’ for someone? “Sing” is, not surprisingly, a strong sing-a-long number. “Beating Low” is structured around a lovely Beatlesque lead guitar part that threads its way throughout the entire song.

The recent album has its share of great songs as well but instead of the chosen singles, I would go with “Wherever You Go.” Wherever You Go

Also included here is a video of the band performing “Now is Now” acoustically and live in the studio, which gives you a sense of their talent and charm.

The graphic of the band was designed by Maartje van Horn.  Find out more about this designer here.  Catch up on everything Sunday Sun at their website and Facebook page.