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marcus-walters-talkie-walkie-MW-TM-GoodLifeThe thing about poprock is it is not afraid of being shamelessly commercial. It is not a hipster genre that loses its élan once the soccer moms recognize the tunes. Of course, a great deal of poprock has languished unappreciated by the masses, but it was seldom by active design. Tim Myers embodies that populist sentiment. His songs are cleverly crafted, perfectly calibrated poprock, designed to reach all those centres of the brain that make you want to hit re-play. While hardly a household name (his only Billboard Hot 100 chart entry – “Under Control” – peaked at 32), nevertheless millions of people know his music having heard snatches in commercials, TV shows and movies.

 On Your Side

300x300Despite putting out two albums, Myers is really a singles guy, regularly releasing songs as singles or EPs, many of them duets with a variety of female vocalists. “On Your Side” is a solo performance from his strong EP The Good Life, which also features “A Beautiful World,” “The Good Life” and “Magic.” Then follows two really catchy duets, the acoustically-driven “Brand New Day” with Lindsey Ray, and “Each Other Brother” with the band Mozella.

Brand New Day with Lindsey Ray

Each Other Brother with Mozella

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