Just five tracks, that’s all you get from Ski Lift on their debut EP Singles. The band is just one of many side projects for Welsh sometime folkie Benji Trantor, joined here by Ailsa Tully and Jovis Lane. Things get started with the 2019 release of single “Comfortable Here,” a mellow bit of pleasing guitar pop. Then the four other songs emerge sporadically throughout 2021, culminating in the EP’s release halfway though 2022. First up “Portal,” a track that gets the band’s engine running a bit faster and adds some fine vocal harmony detailing. Just two months later there a distinctive change in sound on “Moaning Again,” all fun experimental keyboards and poppy hooks. “Teenager” has a spare airy electric guitar feel, so like the poppy confectionary from Kevine Devine and *repeat repeat. “I Wanna Be You” wraps up the band’s singles run with a sometimes punchy, sometimes low key singalong. All in all, these five songs are fresh and buoyant and cool, thus the skiing imagery no doubt.

These five ‘fresh tracks’ (to use the ski lingo) are the band’s only tracks so far, as far as I can tell. Will there be more? Even if this is it I’d still say it’s a pretty good run.

You get on the Ski Lift here.