Your November pick-me-up is a fabulous new single from The Primitives. It’s been 4 plus years since the band’s last EP New Thrills and, frankly, we could use some. “Don’t Know Where to Start” kicks off like an early 1960s sock hop hit, all drums and snaky organ work. But 17 seconds in that distinctive jangly Paul Court guitar slides in to liven up the proceedings. From there it’s all ‘get those shoes onto the dance floor’ hustle. Tracy Tracy is in fine form vocally and the organ runs are like a special guest star on this track. The single’s b-side “Till I’m Alive” features a vocal turn from Paul Court and it’s pretty understatedly groovy, balancing Court’s lowkey gravelly vocals with a beat that just won’t quit. The bass guitar lines really pop throughout the song, giving it a solid bass and drum heft. These tracks are paired with a live version of “Panic” and a fuzzy acoustic rendition of “Don’t Know Where to Start” on an extended single version of the release, due out in January digitally. Can a new Primitives long-player be far off? Positive vibes people, let’s keep sending those positive vibes (and $).

While we wait, let’s explore some lesser-known Primitives cuts. These are songs I haven’t found included on any official album releases or compilations LPs. “Always Coming Back” was the b-side to “Lose the Reason” but didn’t make the cut for Spin-O-Rama album that came out a bit later. Upon release the band described the song as akin to Bobbi Gentry or Nancy Sinatra joining the Velvet Underground and covering the Beatles. Personally, I think the lead guitar has a very CCR tone. Then there’s the airy, somewhat acoustic “Never Kill a Secret” that appeared on the Coventry-area sampler The Alternative Sounds. Sort of an English take on early 1970s California sunshine pop. Finally, I love the vibe all over the band’s cover of The Aislers Set’s “Been Hiding” for the Girlsville benefit compilation Be Gay, Do Crime! The band give the song a classic Primitives treatment.

Don’t know where to start? Start here (and then work your way back through that fantastic Primitives catalogue here).