In commenting on the as-yet-to-be released new long-player from Dazy, a fan described the band as “the best noise pop I’ve come across.” The description is an apt summation of the Richmond, Virginia group’s early vibe, nicely captured on the 2021 compilation Maximumblastsuperloud: The First 24 Songs. There’s a punkish ferocity to these early tunes, like Jesus and Mary Chain on speed. But the new album Out of Body is something else. I’m hearing more straight up power pop and even a turn to a more crafted, subdued melodic pop, particularly on the fabulous single “Rollercoaster Ride.” The song kicks off slow-ish, luring you in with a swing like Sugar Ray or Weezer in pop melody mode, before kicking the hooks into high gear. And what a ride it is. The chorus delivers the good time rush we might associate with arriving at the midway, primed for a great time. The single’s b-side “Peel” is pretty special too, working a Beatles/Oasis melodic grind of guitars plus sweet vocal work.

Get in on the ground floor with this band. Their exhilarating, shifting synthesis of poprock is only just starting to gel.

Photo: fragment from Hazy single graphic for “Rollercoaster Ride/Peel.”