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When it comes to cars, give me a mid-1960s model every time. I love those clean lines, angular body shapes and a hefty dose of actual chrome on the bumpers. Case in point: the Ford Mustang. What a beauty! In red, of course. It was a car that peaked pretty much on launch IMHO, the iconic 1965 ‘fastback’ model still the main attraction fueling interest today. Like from today’s bands. In the spirit of ‘why the hell not,’ get ready for four different rock and roll outfits all cleverly riffing on the original Ford Mustang brand.

This theme post got started because I saw a Facebook ad for a band called Fjord Mustang touting an upcoming live show in Toronto. But I misread the band name as simply Ford Mustang so when I went looking for their music I found Greensboro North Carolina band Harrison Ford Mustang instead. Well from there I thought there had to be even more bands riffing the brand – and there was. The earliest example I stumbled across was Stoufville Ontario’s Bored Mustangs. They’re working a grungy punk vibe, not always this blog’s scene. But “Bear Handed” has got an endearingly perky, shambolic air about it, built around a nice hook. Harrison Ford Mustang are more indie rock and roll, with a bit of an old school Velvet Underground feel on tracks like “Water” and “Slasher.” And their name: so obvious and yet still amusing. Bamberg Germany’s Ford Mustang have a more indie pop sound with a light touch on the guitars and a slathered-on approach to background vocals. “Alle ist wahr” (“All is True”) puts these elements together magnificently but the whole album works this formula well. And then there’s the inspiration for this whole endeavour, Toronto band Fjord Mustang. One listen to their recent album Solitaire and you’ll know they’re not just a clever name. The record takes its dreamy indie vibe to creative extremes, seemingly combining Lord Huron with Jane Siberry. Had to give this record a few listens to pick out just one illustrative example of what this group is doing and settled on “Health Class Field Trip.” The song shimmers and shines, laden with reverby guitars and Vick Egan’s wonderfully ethereal vocals. I’m also really taken with “Lakes Inn” and “Ribbons” too.

When you get behind the wheel of these Ford Mustang funsters you’ll want to be on the highway, heading out nowhere in particular, just taking in the aural landscape and pumping the volume.