The Bleeding Idahos are from the Hammer, actually. That’s Hamilton, Ontario. In Canada. Emerging from the ashes of indie rock and roll outfit The Zilis, this new project has bit more melodic heft, a tad more shimmer in the guitars. Their first single “The Beat Said” is built around an earworm of a lead guitar hook that slides into the song out of a razor sharp slash of a rhythm guitar chord. It pops up repeatedly in the song, accenting what is otherwise a buoyant, head-bopping good time. B-side “Tony Danza Goodbye” is also pretty special, working up an American Graffitti-style, neo-1950s vocal aura that is all Saturday night at the drive-in with your baby. Of course with these two disparate contributions it’s hard to know just where this band is going but hey, that just makes me even more curious. We’ll find out more soon as this two-song single is the first of three two-for-one single releases promised by the band on their Facebook page, all contributions to a forthcoming album to be entitled Resilience, Vol. 1. I, for one, can’t wait to hear more.

The Beat Says
Tony Danza Goodbye

You can find The Bleeding Idahos on Facebook or in many of the usual places digitally downloadable music is sold.