Phil Dutra’s got an ear for the poprock everyman, appealing to all ages and various style partisans. His songs could easily slip into heavy rotation on any 1980s Top 40 radio station. Truly catchy retro pop indeed. Of course, I imagine Dutra’s work taking off in a different time because there have been eras when the charts have managed to find a place for all tastes, usually on the basis of the triumph of melody and solid songwriting over technique and fads. Dutra belongs to this venerable tradition. His latest “It’s Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)” oozes ‘classic song’ from every pore. From the early 1980s jangly guitar work to the juxtaposition of subdued verses and soaring choruses, Dutra gives new life to a recognizable formula. All that’s missing is the top-down convertible, a highway, and a car stereo blasting this tune. Trust me on this one, everyone could use a bit more of Phil Dutra in their lives. Cuz classic never really gets old.

Phil’s got a website and a Bandcamp page. Drop by, he’s a friendly guy.