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Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.52.05 PMSet your phasers to ‘reverb’ for this edition of Jangle Thursday as it’s a ‘celebration of sibilance’ of the ringing guitar sort.

The major news here is a whole album of jangle fun poprock from The Vapour Trails. Their new record is See You in the Next World and it is delightful stroll down quality street. While containing a few tracks from the EP Godspeed It released earlier this year (“Godspeed It,” “The Inner Truth”), this album is mostly chock full of fresh 1960s-influened jangle. Drop the needle anywhere across this record and hit a great song, from the Tom Petty-ish opener “Sonic Wave” to the 1960s sunshine vibe on “Drag It Around” to the more swinging rock-pop sound of “You, With Love” and the title track “See You in the Next World.”

Shifting to singles, Norway’s Family Values wowed us with the 1980s British jangle sound on their 2016 EP Time Stands Still, particularly the song “The Paris Syndrome.” Now they’re back with “Sayonara Eyes” and it’s another winner, this time with the vocals really reminding me of so many great Grapes of Wrath cuts.

Rounding out this edition of Jangle Thursday is Doug Tuttle whose fat acoustic rhythm guitar wash forms the perfect backdrop for “Long Day to Your Home” a choice melodic treat from his latest LP Dream Road. Imagine a Dire Straits/Bryrds collaboration and you’re in the zone.

Reverb’s great but it’s not free. Check out The Vapour Trails, Family Values and Doug Tuttle to keep the signal flowing.