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screen shot 2019-01-22 at 5.02.06 pmThere’s no immediate election on the horizon but that doesn’t mean we can’t mount the hustings in search of ever greater popular support for poprock! Over the years, our promises have remained the same and we’ve delivered: chiming guitars, heavenly harmonies, seductive melodies, and irresistible hooks. I promise you this: today’s post sees our poprockers taking up political themes but never at the expense of a great song.

The dBs Chris Stamey and Yo La Tengo get things started with their brief PSA for the 2004 US Presidential election, “V.O.T.E (Public Service Announcement).” It’s a pleasant bit of Beach Boys-inspired, voting encouragement but it’s over way too soon! Denton, Texas’s The Hope Trust get a nice melodic lurch going with “Campaign Button,” a song that raises the question of just who is working for whom in this whole political arrangement. Shifting to Dallas (what is it with all this Texas political poprock?) Nicholas Altobelli cranks up the melody and some great jaunty lead guitar on “Exit Polls.” Dennis Meehan aka Clovis Roblaine is that classic rock and roll story – guy puts out his own crazy fun Buddy Holly-esque album in 1979, then waits 35 years to put out his second! Appropriately titled Geezer, the album is a tribute to crusty old guys everywhere. “Insane Clown Party” talks up a familiar sounding party from the US, now headed by a guy with orange hair. Nuff said. Now there can’t be a political moment without at least some revolutionary declaration. Luckily Jimmy Haber has arrived with his Beatlesque, acoustic-driven poprocker, “We Should Start a Revolution.” Seattle’s Tacocat do a hilarious send up of all-too-serious trust fund anarchists on “This is Anarchy.” Finally rounding things out is everyone’s fave agit-poprockers, Chumbawamba. After getting knocked down and getting back up again more than a few times, the band declared defeat on their 2014 release, The Boy Bands Have Won. Seriously though, “Sing About Love” laments the fact that the band do not get to sing about love because there are just too many political songs that still need to be sung. In blissful harmony.

Clovis Roblaine – The Insane Clown PartyTacocat – This is AnarchyChumbawamba – Sing About Love

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