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janghle 2Is it a turn down day? No, it’s jangle Thursday. A day ripe with the ringing chime of trebly, echo-y guitars that somehow say sunshine and good times. I say confidently that today’s trio of tunes will elevate your mood and contribute to overall feelings of good fellowship. Let the jangle rip!

“Nothing I Can Say” is a lovely mid-tempo number from Tony Molina’s fab new LP, Kill the Lights. Equal parts Bryds and Teenage Fanclub, my only complaint is that everything’s over all too soon, clocking in at a very brief one minute, eleven seconds. But what a wonderful 71 seconds! Another great jangle number on the album is “Give He Takes You.” Former Bye Bye Blackbirds member William Duke has another solo album out and it’s a wonderful, sixties-infused journey, tapping multiple poprock styles. But Quatro breaks out the jangle on two tunes specifically, the spectacular A-list single “Caroline and the Silver Screen” and the more subdued “Cue up the Memories.” The latter channels a bit of low key Monkees, while the former has some great Tom Petty-ish and Beatles guitar sounds. Roller Disco Combo’s jangle is a bit more contemporary, sounding very Scottish, circa the 1990s on 2017’s Things Under Control. “This Is It” would fit nicely on any Teenage Fanclub or Dropkick album, while “Love Me Do” dials things down to quiet mode, a bit more acoustic, with hefty splashes of jangly electric guitar.

You know what makes bands smile? Fans. And money. Preferably both. So check out Tony Molina, William Duke, and Roller Disco Combo online and do your fan thing.