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the-stills-call-it-quits-1342“I’m With You” should have been the song that shot Montreal band The Stills to international stardom. Instead, it was the last single they released before breaking up in 2011.  And that was a shame because “I’m With You” has all the hallmarks of a classic hit single. It opens with a killer hook that sets the pace for the whole song. The vocals are shimmery and understated, seemingly just behind the beat, giving the song a sense of urgency. The single opens with a distinctive clanging keyboard sound and ends just as mysteriously. And then chorus tag line “I’m with you” just keeps echoing in your head long after the song is over. Oh well. Really, it’s such a Canadian story – good press for albums one and two with some commercial success and Canadian radio play, culminating in what appears to be a positive international reception from critics for the last album, 2008’s Oceans Will Rise, including two Juno awards (Canadian Grammys). And then break up. Well, at least we can enjoy the band’s back catalogue.

To keep up with news about the Stills (such as it may be for a band that has disbanded) as well as updates on what former members are doing now, check out their Facebook page.