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pouches_2065Nova Scotia’s David Myles is so nice it hurts. The sweetness of his songs will melt the heart of the toughest cynic.  He has an amazing knack for composing songs that sound like standards, even when he casts them in a variety of contemporary styles. But boiled down, his songs are great singer/songwriter material. Yet Myles is nothing if not contemporary, taking advantage of multiple possible audiences by combining great songcraft with acoustica, dance beats, and even rap.  For singer/songwriter, check out his early material, like “Turn Time Off” or the achingly beautiful “I Will Love You.”  For a more contemporary sound, listen to “One in a Million” or “So Blind” featuring rapper Classified.  More recently, Myles has added dance beats to “It Don’t Matter” but really his songs can all be reduced to more rudimentary arrangements, like 2017’s “I Wouldn’t Dance.”

David Myles is like Edam and Gouda from Holland, he won’t bite.  Visit him on his webpage and Facebook page.