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Fire TownEverything about this song says monster hit: the hooky lead line opening, the understated build up to the chorus, and then the amazing melodic payoff. Fire Town exude a western poprock sound that was all over the mid to late 1980s with bands like Rank and File, the Bodeans, True West, Blue Rodeo and the recently featured Soul Engines.  Their material has just a hint of country influence, particularly in the vocals, usually set against a trebly lead guitar that all comes together in a solid hook-laden chorus.  Fire Town had two albums in the late 1980s and handful of strong singles, like “Carry the Torch” and “Heart Country” from their their 1987 debut In the Heart of the Heart Country.  But “She Reminds Me of You” from their 1989 record The Good Life suggested a band really just taking off.  Then they broke up.  Some of the band members reformed their old group, Spooner, which also has some great material, before going on to form the fabulously successful band, Garbage. She Reminds Me Of You

Most of the members of Fire Town have reunited on a new project with similar elements, the Emperors of Wyoming, which you can find out about here.