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toronto-2I have Powerpopulist to thank for today’s content.  Sometimes you’ve got to hear about it from far away to appreciate the hometown crews!

The Drywall Heels immediately caught my attention with their hilarious ode to suburbia, “Richmond Hill.”  Their just released, self-titled EP is all pretty solid with a nice 1960s meets 1980s indie sound on tracks like “You Should Know,” “Questionable,” and “Claudia.” A few months ago the band released the single, “Christine,” which has a slightly more poppy 1960s feel.

Another great suggestion is The Seams, described by most media as an indie supergroup as it draws its members from a variety of other Toronto bands for this project.  Again, the 1960s+1980s sound is there, with a more psychedelic reverb on the vocals and some sparkly guitars.  The first song on their album Meet the Seams (with its cool cassette insert artwork) is a catchy number with the same name as the band while track two, “Seeds,” has a great poprock swing.  Other highlights include “Remembrance Day” and “ADHD.”

I’m looking forward to seeing these bands live!  Information about The Drywall Heels and The Seams can be found on their respective Facebook pages.