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gibson-cards-mothers-day-ad-19521Two Vancouver bands with striking similarities take us in a motherly direction in this post.  They were both formed in the mid-2000s and branched out musically from more stripped down roots and acoustic leanings in their early recordings to embrace indie rock, new wave, and even dance influences later on.  “Mother” is from Said the Whale’s 2013 album hawaii.  While overshadowed somewhat by the 1981-ish, new wave sounding hit single “I Love You,” “Mother” is a solid release in its own right.  Kicking off with a rather spare bass and drum sound, the vocals stand out for their effervescent quality, only to break out into a surging chorus laden with great keyboards and guitar lines, while the lyrics perfectly capture the transitional anxiety of young adults as the singer urges “don’t tell my mother till I pull myself together.”

The band Mother Mother are all about the vocals with a lead singer who has honed a highly original tone and delivery.  The band’s early material mixed a roots musical backdrop with quirky and fascinating vocal arrangements but over the years this has given way to a more indie rock/dance sound.  The single “Bright Idea” is a pop gem that is bit out of step with their other songs – indeed, it is not connected with any of their albums or EP releases.  This seems curious because “Bright Idea” is an infectious tune, with great vocals, handclaps and catchy hooks galore.

When not hanging out on the beautiful, laid back streets of Vancouver Said the Whale and Mother Mother occupy some space on the internet where you can download those missing tracks and catch up on upcoming live performances.