dfdsafdsa1I was out for a run and this song came up on the playlist and I knew I had to post it. “Reason to Love” is a masterpiece of a single, a perfectly crafted piece of poprock. From the opening harmonica, to the killer organ, to the ever so slightly harmonic vocal, everything comes together in this late 1970s new wave remelding of so many elements of previous decades’ popular music.

The Laughing Dogs were part of the CBGB scene in New York City that included the Ramones and Television, but they took those influences right back into the rock and roll mainstream. This song appeared on their major label debut album, The Laughing Dogs. The-Laughing-Dogs-FrontIt should have been a huge hit single, but it wasn’t. The band had one more major label release before disappearing into obscurity. A shame but the period between 1979 and 1983 produced an amazing array of great poprock performers – people like Marshall Crenshaw, Nick Lowe and bands like Rockpile, only some of whom made it into the charts. But you can rediscover the Laughing Dogs and their music here.

 Reason to Love