Much of Together Pangea’s music sounds like a garage rock soundtrack to some 1960s monster movie, or a 1980s ironic send-up of a 1960s B movie. Sometimes they sound garage rock sloppy, other times punky and screamy in an early 1980s sort of way. But the tracks I like are bit more polished and melodic. “Offer,” the first single from their 2014 release Badillac, opens with acoustic guitar and the lyric “I’m haunted …” and slowly some fuzzy electric guitar sneaks into the background, building up to sweet hook in the chorus on the line “if you have a kiss” before the whole band crashes in behind with the return to “I’m haunted …” A great, classic rock and roll build up which also has a dynamite bridge and some very cool organ fills late in the song.

Also featured here is the album’s title track, Badillac. Again, a great 1960s/indie 1980s vibe here, catchy chorus and killer harmonica solo at 1:49 of the song.

The band released a new EP last month, The Phage, which continues in the same vein, with a strong single, “Blue Mirror.” 

The band appears in Toronto Wednesday, November 25, at the Smiling Buddha, for what will be an intimate and explosive show. In the meantime, check out Zach Gayne’s 18 minute documentary on the band’s last trip to Toronto. Keep on top of Together Pangea at their website.