family-of-the-yearI wanted to kick off this blog with a song that would capture the fun, joy, and exhilaration of poprock music.  This recent song from Family of the Year does the job.  In my alternate universe poprock world this song would be a giant hit, blaring out of AM radios across the continent.  Family of the Year have made much pleasant pop music on previous releases, gaining some attention for their contribution to the Boyhood soundtrack (“Hero”) and with the lush Beach Boys-esque “Summer Girl” from their first release.  But nothing that takes off quite like “Make You Mine”.  The song kicks off with a simple piano riff, which is immediately echoed by the rhythm guitar, drawing you in with a classic poprock hook.  The lyrics pay tribute to summer love, even if they are somewhat ambiguous about the singer’s intentions.  For instance, when he says “All the boys and all the pretty girls, summer time I’m going to make you mine” is he suggesting he’s just not that fussy about which gender he ends up with?  Such a sentiment would not be out of sync with today’s youth.  The best of poprock makes you feel good and this song definitely delivers on that promise. Make You Mine

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